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Many people today believe that everything on the Internet should be free. While this is a great concept, it's easy to forget that someone, somewhere has to pay for all the resources, server hosting, network bandwidth, and put in the time, energy and resources to make it all happen.

For the past few years, I’ve funding the web site and development costs personally, which means that the growth of the website and Meston genealogy project has been limited by my personal time and finances.

In the same way Gordon had contributors, if we all chip in a little bit, then everone will benefit long term. There are currently several ways to provide financial support.


You can purchase something from our Internet store by clicking on the cup below:

The advantage of buying something from our shop, is that you get something to hold and to give as a gifts to family members. In turn, we get a small percentage back from any sales through the shop.

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You can support the MestonClan project directly via PayPal

There is no set donation amount, however, you do need to be pre-registered with PayPal to do this. All funds received will be directly used for the project, and I will provide updated records on this site for all the donations, internet store revenue and relevant expenditures. (At the moment, I can't accept direct credit card payments due to the overhead costs for setting up a merchant account.)

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Did you know ?

Meston Snuffbox Image

The Motto "DEUS PRO VEDERIT" on the Meston Snuff Box was used as the passwords "SHALL HAVE RIGHT" for a group of French Resistance fighters operating in Normandy during WW II.