Non-Profit Requirements


Ideally, we would like to operate the MestonClan as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which would also provide tax exemptions for any donations. This, however is both a complex and costly process, and would involve a wider group of individuals committed to the success of the project by participating on a board of directors.

Cost estimates to establish a non-profit organization are in the range of $1500 for the initial Non-Profit status acquisition. Yearly non-profit record keeping and IRS tax filing expenses would be roughly $500.

Value of time and resources for a board to manage everything, who knows? I’ve not kept track of the time I’ve expended so far, nor have I placed any value on it. Neither did Gordon, or his contributors. We do know that the project of compiling the research, and finally getting the book printed took at least 14 years.

For a more comprehensive look at the 501(c)(3) non-profit requirements, you can read all the official IRS details here.

Did you know ?

Meston Snuffbox Image

The Motto "DEUS PRO VEDERIT" on the Meston Snuff Box was used as the passwords "SHALL HAVE RIGHT" for a group of French Resistance fighters operating in Normandy during WW II.