What can you do to help support us?


The most important area where you can make a difference, is to update us with your personal family history and records.

If you’ve got details of your own immediate family history, scanned or electronic documents, records, or any verifiable background and historical information, please send it to us. I am looking at ways of automating the data entry and display of family branches, but that will take some time. However, collating all the information into one location would be a good start, and will be of tremendous value to the family history longer term.

Assistance with documents or research:

Typing, transcription, proofreading, scanning in documents, research in your local area, etc. All these are extremely time consuming due to the volume. If you have time to contribute, please ask me what you can do, and I’ll let you know which areas are currently in need of assistance.

Financial contributions:

You can contribute direct financial assistance to be used exclusively to offset the costs for web site hosting, domain name and registration services, support materials, government records access, etc. For the past few years, the web site and development has been funded out of my own pocket, so it has only been able to progress and grow as I have time and available resources. Please see the donations page button on the left for details and options.

Tell your family and friends:

If none of the support options above appeal to you or your sense of karma, then at least tell other family members or friends who may have in interest in our history about the website.

Did you know ?

Meston Snuffbox Image

The Motto "DEUS PRO VEDERIT" on the Meston Snuff Box was used as the passwords "SHALL HAVE RIGHT" for a group of French Resistance fighters operating in Normandy during WW II.