Tools and Trivia


For those interested in the more technical details or tools related to the construction of this web site I've detailed the following list. If you have any detailed questions, or want opinions about any of these, please feel free to ask.


Apple 17” MacBook Pro
Canon LIDE 80 Scanner


Aperture - Apple Inc.
Pathfinder - CocoaTech
Dreamweaver CS3 - Adobe
Photoshop CS3 - Adobe
Fireworks CS3 - Adobe
Project Seven Development- Various web modules and components
BBEdit - Bare Bones Software
Captain FTP - XNet Communications
DEVONThink Pro - Devon Technologies
ThumbsUp - Devon Technologies
OmniOutliner Pro - The Omni Group
OmniGraffle Pro - The Omni Group


Did you know ?

Meston Snuffbox Image

The Motto "DEUS PRO VEDERIT" on the Meston Snuff Box was used as the passwords "SHALL HAVE RIGHT" for a group of French Resistance fighters operating in Normandy during WW II.